Top of their Game

Meet the Grasshoppers® Ambassadors

Arafat Mphahlele aka ‘Arasoulsax’

Meet Arafat. Born in 1982, I’m an artist, musician and play the saxophone and flute. I am self driven, self motivated and humbled to have worked with some of the big names in the local industry.

Being a creator and project manager for events, I’m a leader but also able to follow good leadership. I respect people of all ages and value the little things that don’t mean much to ignorant people. I live to see people around me happy and was born to show the world that nothing is impossible.

Jarrel Mathebula
Social Activist & Dancer

Jarrel is a student and a Founder of a consulting agency focusing on youth through skills project. He has passion for Dance and after realising the positive impact dance has on the youth, he co-founded a dance academy. The talent it produces are in a great demand overseas but his biggest fans are the street children he inspires.

His motto is “stop waiting for the storm to pass…it’s all about dancing in the rain!” As a social entrepreneur he connects brands to the youth across Africa by giving the youth accessibility and the opportunity to grow and harness their talents in an authentic way.

As a social entrepreneur he connects brands to the youth across Africa and harness their talents in an authentic way. Some of his greatest achievements include playing for the SAFA U20 National team and choreographing the French international dance project “Konexion” , “Ukjika” and “Panstula Musical”.

Our History

Now in its 150th+ year since it was started by Charles Searle back in 1859 and immensely proud of its South African heritage, Bolton Footwear has ensured that Grasshoppers shoes can stride with purpose and positivity into the 21st Century.

750 000. That’s how many pairs of hand finished Grasshopper Shoes are manufactured at the brand’s original production facility in the Southern Cape community of Great Brak and Oudtshoorn every single year. And to date, since the the brand was established in 1966, an astounding 20 million shoes have left the factory – destined for the feet of grateful South Africans who have trusted the trademark Grasshoppers comfort and quality for over half a century.

Grasshoppers is now one of South Africa’s most recogniseable names, “it’s a brand that transcends, age, social and economic divides and it is a 100% proudly local, quality product”, says Head of Group Marketing, Stuart Hopwood who explains that the Grasshoppers factory both directly and indirectly employs some 1000 local craftsmen (some of whom are third generation artisans) living in Great Brak and the  surrounding Southern Cape area.