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The Grasshoppers® Range

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Key styles in each of the Grasshoppers® Ranges
Key styles in each of the Grasshoppers® Ranges

Meet the Grasshoppers® Ambassadors


Now in its 150th+ year since it was started by Charles Searle back in 1859 and immensely proud of its South African heritage, Bolton Footwear has ensured that Grasshoppers shoes can stride with purpose and positivity into the 21st Century.

Besides from being a visually iconic shoe, Grasshoppers have stayed the course for South Africans because of a key factor – comfort. Designed to be worn for long stretches of time, be it at work or at play, and crafted in a timehonoured shoemaking tradition, they quite literally are made to last a lifetime.

‘If we can get them onto people’s feet, they will wear them forever’ is a company mantra.